Is knowledge power?

Is knowledge power? What a statement! I feel like changing this statement to Data is power! However I prefer the quote from this month’s Psychologies Magazine from Miles Kington. I agree, its surely comes down to its application but this is worth exploring and ensuring you are not putting yellow tomatoes with your slices of kumquat!

Last week I had my annual visit to the Recruitment agency Expo in Olympia. I always look forward to this event as it not only is an opportunity to find out what the industry is talking about but also to use it as a measurement to see what we are doing is right, wrong or what needs to be worked on. The lectures are a great opportunity to gain insightful snippets into marketing, social media, sales, legal and staff welfare issues. This year I felt as if the snippets, were exactly that, brief points where knowledge seemed to be a power that was reluctantly shared, but then that’s the point, we need to buy the expertise of these suppliers.

So in essence the Expo was a tomato taster menu, exploring potential opportunities that could add value to my business model. However how to I convert this into wisdom I need to choose what’s good to explore and what I should leave out of my fruit salad. Let me pass on my top three thoughts and I would love to hear from you if you have any suggestions.

Firstly I look at all the ideas I have gained from the day and find the ‘Impact’ ideas, those that I can use with minimal effort that can have a beneficial change in my or the businesses productivity. For example, I learnt that 52% of people applying for jobs do it whilst in bed! S adverts have to be punchy, highlight the benefits and tell the story through video. after all for many its easier to watch a video than read a whole job description. So a practical application whilst in the moment is key. It may even help writing it down in a journal book, your quick fix ideas that can be measured over a set time.

Secondly I adopt the ‘kimchi’ method. What is he talking about now I hear you say??…well stick with me. Kimchi is the blend of amazing ingredients to produce a tasty dish that benefits your gut health, in turn enhancing your overall health! But its the mix of many things working that make it wonderful. The knowledge you have can be shared. Yes share it, with work colleagues, friends, family, social media and listen to the feedback. Listening to the feedback is where the magic happens and will provide the wisdom you need to develop the idea before applying it or adapting it to suit or even dumping it in the nearest bin!

Thirdly is ‘mindset’. This is an important one as to change your day to day habits, stop the procrastination, you need a dedicated practice to allow some time in the day to make the changes. Look at your mindset on how you want to make changes, it is not as easy as you think as the mind likes to find its familiar channels. So by dedicating some time to apply what you have learnt slowly and with the right mindset you will find the rewards and the most tasty fruit salad you have ever tasted!