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How to create an effective job advert

Creating a job advert that is interesting, clear and concise is crucial in order to attract the right candidates. Many companies will rush to put an advert together and it often results in sloppy descriptions that are lacking key information and therefore receive a poor response.

Job title

Choosing the right job title is key to any job advert. It’s a good idea to do some research first into a relevant title that will suit the roles and responsibilities within your company. Many of the job boards also work on algorithms that search the most popular titles and key words.

Why choose your company?

At the top of any advert should detail who you are and what’s great about your company. You need to put yourself into the candidate shoes and ask why would you want to apply to be part of this company? Explain what you specialise in and any other interesting information that may attract the right candidate but keep it concise!

Salary and benefits

Although not everything is about money, research shows including a salary range within your advert will likely boost applicants by 20%. It will also attract relevant applicants to apply, rather than having someone who is far above or below your budget apply. Including any company benefits will also attract people to apply e.g. free parking onsite, flexible hours etc.

Job advert NOT description

Often companies will detail the entire job description within the advert, and this will bore applicants. You need to briefly summarise the main duties and responsibilities of the position and remember to keep it as clear and concise as possible. This will give applicants a clear indication as to whether they have the relevant skills / qualifications for the position.

Desirable vs. Essential

Ensure you provide a short, realistic summary of skills and qualifications which are both needed and desired for the role. This will also help to filter applicants who are suitable.

If you need anymore information on creating a great advert that will receive the best possible response, please email our sister company Job Board Direct who specialise in advertising vacancies: [email protected].